Vivid Color

Sunset Red

A fun mix of red and purple vivids with a layered bob haircut and bangs. Finished with a curl style.

Neon Green

A fun bright highlighter green.


Electric neon pink with a short cut.


Pop of neon blue on a short cut.

Highlight / Balayage

Highlight (1)

Foiling with bleach or color to add highlights/lowlights and dimension to the hair!

Highlight (2)

Another example of a highlight.


A technique of hand painted bleach to create a more low maintenance blonde combined with their natural color.



A layered a-line bob, meaning longer in front and shorter in back with lots of texturizing.


Short haircut on curly hair with some layers to enhance the natural wave/curl.

Fade (1)

High skin fade to a 0 guard with some length left on top for styling.

Fade (2)

Mid skin fade on dark curly hair.

Harsh Line

An unblended fade with intentional line left to create a unique style.